Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dark Forces try to pull us apart

"At the Space Office" we're threatened by an enigmatical force. Our consistancy is serverely tested. An unknown power is manipulating other peoples mind, leading them to try giving our organisation a negative touch, persuing the plan to destroy our worthwhile idea of musical freedom. But we won't stop. The whole idea became too important. It became an obligation to keep on doing our work.
Until now we have no idea where the dark force is coming from. It's too early for suggestions. For now we're kept busy cleaning our platform from decomposed eggs, metaphorically speaking.
We're thankful for any hint that helps us to enlighten this dark matter of delusional conspiracy.

The Space Office

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mysterious Frogdealer

A lot of rampant speculations entwine around this phantom called the frogdealer. Some take it literally and suggest, the frogdealer is actually dealing with frogs. Some argue the name is just a synonym for the frogdealers ability to switch between the dimensions, literally. Some think he's just an imagination. A ghost in the head of a display dummy. At the Space Office they're dealing with that case. With adequate accuracy the 5 members are working hard on recovering scientific facts about the frogdealer. But for now none of their findings are meant to be published.
"The current state of our researches doesn't allow anything to be told to the public. At least for security reasons it's an obligation to maintain secrecy!" - Bug Rogers (03.10.2011

Yo Peng
(Head of Public Rhythms at the Space Office)