Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mysterious Frogdealer

A lot of rampant speculations entwine around this phantom called the frogdealer. Some take it literally and suggest, the frogdealer is actually dealing with frogs. Some argue the name is just a synonym for the frogdealers ability to switch between the dimensions, literally. Some think he's just an imagination. A ghost in the head of a display dummy. At the Space Office they're dealing with that case. With adequate accuracy the 5 members are working hard on recovering scientific facts about the frogdealer. But for now none of their findings are meant to be published.
"The current state of our researches doesn't allow anything to be told to the public. At least for security reasons it's an obligation to maintain secrecy!" - Bug Rogers (03.10.2011 hannsman.morg.v.org)

Yo Peng
(Head of Public Rhythms at the Space Office)


  1. I'm scared. Is the frogdealer dangerous?

  2. No, don't be afraid. As long as the Frogdealer is on our side...
    We can assure you that he is in fact of a friendly kind. If he's not,
    he would have killed us all long ago.

  3. i met the frogdealer once.....it was the greatest moment in my whole live
    it was a foggy afternoon in the late nineties of the next century. I was in a state of
    depression because it was the nineties and it was kind of fancy to be depressive and than
    all of a sudden there was this shiny light and I felt happy and sophisticated....and there
    he was...peng.....he was sitting on my couch smocking a big cigar and laughing at me because
    my eyes seemed to pop out....and than he said these 2 words that I will never forget:
    "one question".......yeah and everything turned a bit strange....did he mean I could ask one
    question, or did he want to ask me a question??? I was so shocked, I wanted to speak but it didn't
    come out....and than all of a sudden he was gone.....

  4. Sounds quite interesting. But how did you get to the next century? Or better, how did you get back to this century? And why was it the greatest moment in your whole life? Why did you feel happy?
    And what is your name?